Tadaomi Shirotani (城谷 忠臣 Shirotani Tadaomi) is one of the main characters of Ten Count. He previously suffered from obsessive–compulsive disorder that manifests as severe mysophobia and receives help for this from Riku Kurose.


Tadaomi has salmon pink hair, glossy light pink eyes that match his hair, and a small beauty mark underneath his left eye.

He often wore white gloves as well to avoid physical contact with surfaces, and generally wears long sleeved shirts and trousers.


Shirotani is gentle and determined, he accepted his mysophobia but resolved to make sure it wouldn’t stop him from living his life. At first he didn’t see the need for treatment and felt he didn’t need to be cured. However after a suggestion from Kurose, he decided to get professional help.

Shirotani had low self esteem and deeply cared for others. He tried to stay detached from people because he does not want to hurt or offend anyone with his mysophobia. He tried exposure therapy with Riku Kurose’s help, a counsellor in a clinic called Shimada Psychosomatics, to deal with his mysophobia and make it more manageable.


As a child, Shirotani was very close to his father even stating that when he grew up he hoped to still be by his side. Because of this, Ueda, a high school student who visited his house often, became jealous of him to the point that she yelled at Shirotani for saying that instead of his father getting married or staying alone and lonely, he would rather marry his father. Later that night, after rejecting to eat dinner with Ueda, Shirotani's father asked him to get along with her and claimed that whenever he put his hand on Shirotani’s head, he knew what Shirotani is thinking.

Shirotani crying as a child

A couple of days later, Ueda asked Shirotani to play hide and seek, saying that whoever was found by sensei (Shirotani’s father) would be the loser. Shirotani hid in a locker while Ueda hid beside a folded cardboard box in the open, naturally being found instantly. Shirotani observed this and was planning to get out of the locker but then witnessed his father and Ueda becoming intimate in a chair. This caused him to get aroused and touch himself.  

Once the two stoped and Shirotani’s father left the room, Ueda told Shirotani that he could never do anything like that with his father, no matter how much Shirotani loves him, because he was a boy. After not getting a reply, Ueda opened the locker to see Shirotani with his pants down crying. Ueda commented that what Shirotani was doing was disgusting before Shirotani ran out of the school in the rain. Once home, Shirotani washed his hands vigorously. When his father arrived home, Shirotani ignored him and pretended to be asleep. After that, against Shirotani's liking he often remembered that day and after touching himself he would immediately wash his hands afterwards. Because of this, he began to put some distance between himself and his father. One day while walking with his dad, Shirotani’s father said that it would be great if Shirotani had a mother. After Shirotani stated he did not want one, he started crying because he loved him and felt guilty for upsetting him. His father seeing this tried to comfort him by patting Shirotani’s head. Shirotani remembered his father's words and slaps his hand away, telling him not to touch him and that it was disgusting.

Chapter 2 - Troubled as Tadaomi grew up

As he grew, he began to believe that if anyone touched him, they would find out what he was thinking. He gradually started to apply this rule to not only his father but everyone else around him. After a long time of washing his hands and refusing any human contact, Shirotani found out he was suffering from "mysophobia" but decided he was fine with how he was and opted to just become a part of the group of people who suffer with mysophobia instead of seeking treatment.

Ten Count StoryEdit

Tadaomi Shirotani is first shown thinking that everything in the world was dirty.

Within a car he informed his company president of his schedule, namely a meeting with Tamaru Commercials. Shirotani advised him to watch out for cars as he got out whilst on his phone. Noticing a truck coming towards him, Kurose pushed the president out of harms way. At Shinsho General Hospital, Shirotani found that the president had a fractured kneecap, before noticing Kurose who was also at the hospital.

Chapter 1 - Speaking

First speaking to Riku Kurose

After refusing payment from the president for saving his life, Kurose walked out the room and began to leave the hospital. Shirotani was then told by the president to follow him. Presenting a business card, Shirotani introduced himself as the secretary of Kuramoto from Tosawa Corporation and tried to persuade him to accept the presidents thanks.

Abrubtly, Kurose asked Shirotani if he was germophobic and advised him to seek professional help. Shirotani however, was angry at Kurose’s intrusion and told him that he didn’t need to be cured.

once home, Shirotani immediately washed his hands hands

The next day, taking Kuros’s advice, Shirotani stood outside the Shimada psychosomatic clinic and contemplated going in. He then recognised Kurose outside and wondered whether he was receiving treatment for something at that clinic. Panicked to hear that Kurose was a counselor, he headed to leave, before being stopped by him.

They went to a cafe and during some questioning from Kurose about his condition Shirotani states that he didn’t remember when he became aware of it or what caused it.

After some prompting from Kurose, Shirotani wrote a list of ten things he was reluctant to do with number one being the easiest. He asked Kurose why he would help cure him for free when they were just strangers, and Kurose said he would receive the answer once he completed number ten.[1]

After stating he was uncomfortable with receiving help for free, Shirotani burst into laughter when Kurose asked to be his friend. Shirotani agreed however, hoping to someday live his life normally.

Chapter 2 - The first task

Considering the first task

On Shirotani’s day off, Kurose suggested they try to complete number one on the list. After meeting up, Shirotani nervously stood before a door handle. Visualizing it covered in hand prints, he attempted to convince himself it wasn’t dirty. Swinging it open, he succeeded in touching the door handle and making it outside the cafe.

Kurose told Shirotani that he had to let him self be uncomfortable and stop all obsessive compulsive behaviours such as constantly washing his hands, in order for the treatment to work. After also advising him to gradually stop wearing his gloves they decide to meet again in a weeks time.

Arriving home, he was able to stop himself from sterilizing his hands with alcohol.

Shirotani still doubted the effectiveness of shock exposure therapy but has gotten used to touching doorknobs with his bare hands. Shirotani went to visit the president and upon leaving was called back for forgetting his diary.

Worried that the president might have touched it, Shirotani cleaned his dairy whilst feeling guilty for not trusting the president.
Chapter 3 - Washing the diary

Sanitizing his diary

After telling Kurose about the ordeal, Kurose suggested they try number three on the list - buy a book from the bookstore.
Chapter 3 - In a book store

In a bookstore

Remembering the president, Tadaomi thought a lengthy novel would be useful for him to read while he was bedridden.
Chapter 3 - Passing task 2

Passing task 3

When uncomfortable with Kurose observing him he thrusts a "Forest of Norway" book into his chest and says he should look for books too, passing the third task.
Chapter 03 - Tadaomi's chest feels weird

His chest feeling weird

Shirotani wondered how many years had passed since he last bought books at an actual bookstore. With Kurose he felt he was slowly becoming a normal person. After that Shirotani state’s that his chest felt uncomfortable as it began beating hard in his chest.[2]
Chapter 4 - Takeru's first appearance

Coming across Takeru

Shirotani explained to his colleague Takeru Mikami that the president was still in hospital. He then received a message from Kurose for them to meet in two day’s time at 3pm at the nearest station around the cafe.

Chapter 4 - Tadaomi at work

At work, glancing to his phone

Meeting Kurose, Shirotani observed that he wasn’t dressed as he usually was. With Kurose having booked a restaurant, Shirotani waited with him for the train. Kurose asked him about his work and Shirotani wondered if Kurose was trying to distract him from feeling nervous.
Chapter 4 - Taking Riku's arm

Taking Riku's arm on the subway

Little by little he calmed down. On the subway he reveals he chose his high school and college based on walking distance so that he didn’t have to take the train, before being asked to try touching a handle. Shirotani reached out, but being touched by someone placing a bag overhead startled him and he could only crouch down. Shirotani trembled and felt like he would vomit.

Kurose carried him off the train and Shirotani wondered if it wasn’t embarrassing for Kurose to be stared at by others, before thinking of how warm Kurose is.[3]

Waking up in the clinic Kurose worked at, Shirotani felt guilty for preventing them from going to the restaurant. Determined, Shirotani told Kurose that they should go an eat right at that moment. When Kurose refused, Shirotani then asked for one of the sweets in the corner. Shirotani said he was really looking forward to that day and might have been ok eating out if he was with Kurose. He also said that he felt that if he didn’t go out to eat with Kurose, he would not be able to go out or eat with someone ever again.

Chapter 5 - Leaning in

Not concerned with near contact

Kurose then suddenly started leaning in and Shirotani remained in place as he drew closer to him, but Kurose then drew away leaving Shirotani blushing and his heart noticeably beating.

Later Shirotani received a call from Kurose who said that they shouldn't meet up for a while, and that Shirotani should be trying the therapy with others as well.

In the bath he contemplated whether Kurose felt there had been no progress or whether he was too troublesome. At work, he waited for Takeru and asks for him to go with him for a while.[4]

That evening, Shirotani sat in a restaurant having explained the ten tasks to Takeru, and how he was the only one Tadaomi can request help from, however as Takeru left, Shirotani asked him to have his drink because he wasn’t ready yet.

Chapter 6 - First and last handshake

His first handshake with Riku, and last

One day Shirotani was staring out a café window with Takeru. Leaving, he was surprised to see Kurose on his bicycle nearby. Shirotani went up to him, explaining that he is with a colleague, they were in the area and had coffee.

Kurose takes Shirotani’s hand and it fills him with warmth. Hearing that this handshake can be considered their first, and their last handshake, Shirotani listens as Kurose explain that he does not need to hear the tenth point since he thought Shirotani would be fine. As Kurose cycled away, Shirotani began to cry.[5]

Sorrowful, Shirotani sat in the bath remembering the handshake. He had been ignoring calls from Takeru and lying on his bed. His phone ran out of battery and he knew the company would have called many, he expected they would fire him soon. He was also unconcerned at seeing the missed calls and messages from Takeru when his phone is recharged, however he does react when he sees a 2 day old missed call from Kurose. A message from him stated that he would wait for Shirotani at the usual cafe that Saturday at 14:00.

Chapter 7 - Asking why is he still waiting

Asking why he is still waiting

Crestfallen, Shirotani slumped down as that had been more than six hours ago. However, Shirotani ran through the rain to find Kurose still at the cafe the cafe. He demanded to know why Kurose was still waiting, and why he had sent him that message. Shirotani tells Kurose that he doesn’t want to hear any apologies and says he wants to return to the time when he had not met Kurose, before running out the cafe.[6]
10 Count ch8 - 1


After running, Shirotani noticed that his IC card fell out his pocket. With his wallet at home, he proceeded to remove his gloves and huddle to keep himself warm. Kurose then runs up to him having found his card.

Taking Kurose’s hand, Shirotani asks if he decided not to see him anymore because he was having to much trouble getting over his mysophobia, and stated that he thought that if he made some progress he would be able to get in touch with him again. Kurose then abruptly wrapped is jacket around him and hugged Shirotani. Kurose then proceeded to tell Shirotani that he had left because he realized that he had fallen in love with him. Shirotani is shocked to hear that Kurose was trying to kiss him before and stated that the whole situation was too sudden.

Despite this, Shirotani states that not being able to see Kurose ever again is not something he wants, and Kurose replies that that is a good enough answer for him.[7]

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Relationships Edit

Riku Kurose Edit

Shirotani first met Kurose after he saved Shirotani’s boss from being hit by a truck. When Kurose refused to accept his thanks the president sent Shirotani after him to try and persuade him to accept. However with Kurose being a therapist he immediately noticed that Shirotani had mysophobia and abruptly brought it up, suggesting that Shirotani should seem professional help. This illicit Shirotani's anger and he told Kurose that he didn’t need treatment. Judging him unsociable, Shirotan was surprised that he was a counselor, more so that he offered to be his friend. He fondly remarked that he was quite weird. He wondered why Kurose would go to lengths to help him when he offered to treat him for free even though they were strangers.

After making a list of ten things Shirotani is reluctant to do, Kurose told Shirotani he should take 4 onwards by himself, which leaves Shirotani depressed and sorrowful. However, it is later revealed that Kurose was only distancing himself from Shirotani because he realized that he had fallen in love with him and didn’t think Shirotani was ready for that kind of relationship. Despite this, they continue going through the therapy together after Shirotani realizes he can’t stand being away from Kurose, and over the course of it both fall for each other.

Kuramoto Edit

Kuramoto is the president of a company Tadaomi works for. Helping him with his schedule, Tadaomi also speaks casually with him such as voicing he got a fracture due to age. Tadaomi is able to do his job since Kuramoto understands his condition. Visiting him in hospital, he did not fully trust that the president had not touched his diary. Tadaomi felt he looked bored so thought to buy him a lengthy novel book to pass the time.

Takeru Mikami Edit

Takeru is a colleague of his, who Tadaomi considers one of the few friends who understands him. Seeking him out after Riku suggested he attempt task 4 onwards with other people.

Ueda Edit

Shirotani doesn’t like Ueda and has felt uncomfortable around her ever since he was a child.

Tadaomi's Father Edit

Shirotani was very close with his father when he was young but after he developed mysophobia they drifted apart. However, as an adult, Shirotani set out to contact his father again and restore their relationship.

Mysophobia Edit

Chapter 2 - Tadaomi's injured hands

Tadaomi's injured hands

Possessing a fear of germs, he wears gloves and uses rubbing alcohol to clean. It impacts his life by causing him to usually avoid eating at restaurants when with others, to not picking up a self-help book out of fear that someone has touched it. It influences his decision to wear a suit went out since his gloves stand out with normal clothes on. He carries a bottle of spray alcohol on him.

Contact also extends to other people accidentally tapping him, which appeared to induce a flashback, and did result in almost causing Tadaomi to be physically sick, and the floor seemed to be swirling.

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